About Lisabeth Wotherspoon

About Lisabeth Wotherspoon

Are you struggling with feeling sad and exhausted all the time?

Does your heart race every time you are faced with a stressful event or thought?

Do you go into a full-blown panic every time you think about your trauma?

Are you struggling to balance caring for an aging parent while taking care of your own home and finding YOU get lost in the shuffle? Do you sometimes feel like you never even make it into the shuffle at all?

If you are finding less time for self-care, and feel like you can never catch your breath, let's take a look at your values and see where you place yourself in the long list of responsibilities.

These are all reasons why it might be time to reach out for some help and support. I can help you learn the skills needed to manage the stress in your life, while setting priorities based on your values that allow you to find balance again.

I can help you find ways to take better care of yourself so you can continue to care for those you love. It's time to make yourself a priority.

Did you know values clarification can help you better manage symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD? Your values guide your thoughts and behavior. By identifying your values, we can set goals together and help you exit your comfort zone in order to improve your quality of life.

My Approach

I believe therapy is a journey. That journey has the power to heal. It can also help you become your true self based on your core values. My approach is two-pronged - I help you identify and clarify your core values to help guide you in becoming the best version of yourself. I also emphasize the importance of our therapeutic relationship. I work collaboratively with you to identify old patterns of relating to others that no longer serve you. We then work to help move you towards new and healthier ways of being.
I work with adults seeking counseling for help with trauma, depression and anxiety, those experiencing difficulty with a new life transition, or are seeking insight into early life experiences. Whether you are looking for healing, understanding, or growth, I would love to talk with you to see if we would be a good fit. Also, check out this values clarification survey at https://www.therapistaid.com/worksheets/values-discussion-cards.pdf. If you have a history of trauma, be sure to click on my EMDR page for more helpful information on trauma.

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