Transgender? How to Change Your Name In New Hampshire

This blog gives you an overview how to change your name in NH. It also provides you with a list of how to get the rest of your documents and records in line with who you really are.

Typically, the order looks like this:
• Get a legal name change first. You must petition the court to change your name. You can get the form HERE

Please note this form is for adults only and is submitted electronically. The judge will either make a decision without you present or they may schedule a court hearing if there are objections or questions. If the Court approves the name change, you will receive a Certificate of Change of Name by email. Expect to wait about 45 days for the Court to process the order granting a name change. If you need extra copies, you can request one for an extra fee. The filing fee is $130. Instructions for filing the e-form can be found HERE

• Next update your Social Security card.
• Then update your Driver’s License or State ID.
• Update all financial, insurance, school and employment records.
• Then update your passport (if you have one)
• Finally update your birth certificate (if you need or want to)

Good News! According to, NH rates an A- in terms of ease and friendliness of changing Gender Marker on your Driver’s License. Provider certification is required for a gender maker change. There is also a Gender-Neutral option on the application.

In future blogs I will cover how to make some of the changes listed above. If you are looking for support with your transition, CALL ME
or go to my website for more information on how I can help you live more authentically. My website is

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