Trans-Affirming Therapist for Transgender Care in NH, Maine, & Massachusetts

Trans-Affirming Therapist for Transgender Care in NH, Maine, & Massachusetts

It’s exhausting to not be understood or accepted as you are. Then the gender dysphoria hits you at your core, leaving you feeling confused and not in your body.  This just leads to more depression and anxiety.

Nobody Understands or Respects Your Gender

You get a lot of questions about your gender identity and expression.  You are fed up with correcting people when they misgender you or use your “dead name”.  But it feels like it’s too much to correct people all of the time.

You Feel Like Hiding 

Then there are the real intrusive questions about plumbing.  Or the really hurtful statements like “you’ll never be a REAL woman” or “you don’t even look Trans.”  Sometimes it feels easier to just hide away from the world.

You Need More Support

You have tried LGBTQIA support groups, or Transgender New Hampshire (TG-NH) but they haven’t met your needs. You have even looked up Transgender Resources and LGBTQ friendly therapists near me, but there just isn’t much out there.

I’m Lisabeth Wotherspoon and I’m Here to Help

Lisabeth Wotherspoon with her dog, Onyx, trauma therapist near Dover, NH

As a gender therapist who is also queer and trans-affirming, I specialize in working with trans clients.  I help can help you navigate your life and the unique challenges and decisions that you have to make. No matter where you are in your journey, from the process of coming out, to exploring Hormone Replacement Therapy and gender-affirming surgical options, I am committed to helping you feel better and make the decisions that are best for you.  I also write letters for Gender-Affirming Surgery.

I am not a gatekeeper assessing your fitness for HRT or GAS. I work from the model of informed consent.  We look at the risks and benefits of your choices based on the most current information available. I believe in giving you the choice about what you do with your own body.

Together we can look at how commonplace microaggressions impact you and your self-confidence. I will teach you tools that will empower you with your dignity and self-respect. My hope is for you to experience more ease in all your relationships, especially in the relationship with yourself.

Trans-affirming therapy near Dover, NH

My counseling office is located in Rochester, NH, but I offer telehealth therapy anywhere in NH, Maine, and Massachusetts. Call today for a free 15-minute consult to discover how a therapy with a queer, trans-affirming therapist can help change your life for the better. My specialties include LGBTQ therapist | Transgender New Hampshire | Trans Affirming Care