How do I Change My Name with Social Security?

Ready to take that next step and Change Your Name on another official document?

It’s pretty easy and can be done in person at your local SSA office or by applying through the mail. You can do this separately, or together with, applying for a Gender Change. Fill out the Application for a Social Security Card. Once the application is filled out, you need to have acceptable proof of your Name Change and proof of your identity.

Generally, the SSA will accept any of the following as proof of Name Change:
• A Court Order Documenting Name Change (original or certified copy)
• Marriage, Civil Union, or Domestic Partnership certificate (original or certified copy)
• Divorce Decree (original or certified copy)
Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship (original or certified copy)

To show Proof of Identity, you need one of the following documents:
• US issued Driver’s License
• State issued Non-Driver’s Identification Card
• US Passport

The new card will be mailed to you, along with any of the original documents you submitted with your application.

When you change your name with SSA, be sure to let your employer know, otherwise it may cause problems with your future Social Security Benefits or cause delays when you file your taxes.

That’s it! One more step in the process of getting everything aligned with who you truly are!

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