Trauma Treatment and Counseling in Rochester, NH

Trauma Treatment and Counseling in Rochester, NH

You are crying all the time.  Noises make you jump out of your skin.   You feel like no one wants to listen to you.  Everything feels so overwhelming.  You hear about Trauma all the time, but question whether it applies to you.

So much of your childhood is a blur

It was better to just block out memories, yet that isn’t working so well anymore.  You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in so long.  Going to sleep doesn’t feel safe, always fearing  you will have another nightmare.  If you were honest with yourself, nowhere really feels safe.  You can never predict when another trigger is going to present itself and ruin your whole day.  And now you are starting to have heart palpitations and chills.  And this feeling of dread is killing you.

You ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

You feel like you are going crazy and yet you are supposed to hold it together, so no one notices the pain you’re in  You don’t have to hide anymore.  You are having a normal response to painful experiences.  And it can get better.

Trauma Therapy Can Transform Your Life


Picture of Lisabeth Wotherspoon, Trauma Therapist in Rochester, NHMy name is Lisabeth Wotherspoon and I offer a cutting-edge therapy called EMDR.  One of the great things about EMDR is you don’t even need clear pictures of the abuse or trauma and you don’t have to relive it by talking about the details.  We focus on emotions, body sensations and the core negative beliefs you have about yourself.  I help people just like you release the fear, the dread, and the overwhelm you have been carrying around for so long.

You were not made to live a life of pain

If you feel like you can’t take another minute of how you feel, call me for a free 15-minute consultation so we can talk about how I can help to get to the other side of feeing self-assured, comfortable, and even joyful in your own skin again. Perhaps you can’t even imagine what that would look like, but together I am confident we can get you there.  Call today so you can start your healing journey.

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