Trauma Therapy in Rochester, NH

Trauma Therapy in Rochester, NH

You have been here before but never with the intention of actually feeling ready to deal with the trauma you have faced.  You feel so overwhelmed, and it is just so hard to get through the day. The bad dreams and flashbacks even keep you from sleeping, but you continue to drag yourself to work.  At work you always feel on guard, fearing you will make a mistake and get “caught.”   You wear a mask every day just to pretend to the outside world that you are ok but inside you feel shut down.  Even then, sometimes the tears escape and you feel even more out of control.

To say you have had a challenging childhood is an understatement.  But you are finally ready to end the flashbacks, the nightmares, the triggers that cause overwhelming fear, anger and anxiety.  And you know this isn’t the real you.  But the real you got buried just so you could function and put on a brave face.

My name is Lisabeth Wotherspoon and I help adults who carry trauma and painful past memories to experience real lasting relief from flashbacks and overwhelm.  Utilizing EMDR

to treat PTSD and trauma (tools that research has proven to be one of the most effective forms of treatment for trauma and PTSD) I help you recover from the effects of trauma.  You do not even have to speak out loud about your trauma for it to be effective.  Please see my page on EMDR for more information about this effective treatment.

You will learn skills to help you manage the symptoms of anxiety that often arise when deciding to face your trauma. These skills can help reduce the intensity of the symptoms, though they need to be practiced to be effective. Learning skills can be very helpful in controlling anxiety while doing EMDR. Some of the techniques I use include guided imagery relaxation, breathing techniques, assertiveness training, and positive self talk.

I am here to tell you a new life awaits you.  I’m here, right here with you as you delve into those dark spaces.  We can face this together.  I help people just like you learn how to manage those overwhelming negative emotions and negative beliefs.  Call me now for a free 15 minute consultation to discover how therapy and EMDR can help you find relief from the trauma you face every day.