Support for Caregiver Burnout in Rochester, NH

Support for Caregiver Burnout in Rochester, NH

Counseling and Burned Out Caregiver Support in NH,

Maine & Massachusetts

Every night you fall into bed just hoping to get a decent night’s sleep after an exhausting day caring for your elderly parent while trying to maintain your own household. Sleep does not come due to the near-constant worried thoughts about finances and getting your parent to all those medical appointments with the ever-dwindling time off you have left. Just last week your boss spoke to you about coming in late when you had to take your Dad to the ER.

Elderly man with head in hands feeling like a burden to his caregiver in Rochester, NH.There is not enough time when you are a caregiver.

When will you find the time to run errands and go grocery shopping after work when the kids have sports, and you need to stop at Dad’s to set up his pills for the week?

Nobody is happy and you are burned out on caregiving.

It feels like you can’t make anyone happy. Not your spouse who complains you’re no fun anymore. Not your kids who seem to pick up on your stress and act out all the time. Not even your Dad who never says thank you and just acts angry ever since your Mom died last year.

Mom sitting at computer trying to juggle caregiving to elderly parents and juggle her own family needs in Dover, NHCaregiver Burnout is real.

  • Caregiver Burnout leads to feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt, and isolation.
  • You find it harder and harder to find time to be the good spouse, daughter, and parent you know you want to be.
  • Your performance at work is slipping.
  • It is a struggle to manage all your competing responsibilities.

You feel lost in the shuffle, and if you were truly honest with yourself, you know you don’t even make it into the shuffle.

You need caregiver burnout support.

What if you could talk to someone who really understands what you are saying, someone who listens, someone who asks the right questions and doesn’t judge you? Someone who has the experience, skills, and expertise to collaborate with you so you can choose to change things, regain a sense of control, and move forward in your life again.

Picture of Lisabeth WotherspoonMy name is Lisabeth, and I am a Therapist who helps with Caregiving Burnout

I can help you start to transition your life so that it works again. Let us create a sustainable plan together and identify what will and will not work for your unique situation. Learn how to say no with confidence, and when and how to set boundaries with love.  Together we can work to Prevent Caregiver Burnout.

I am here to help you figure out what you need, what you want, and how to start moving in a new direction. I can help you be your best self again. Contact me for your free 15-minute phone consultation for counseling for caregivers. My therapy office is in Rochester, NH, but I can work with all residents of NH, ME and MA through telehealth.