Lisabeth Wotherspoon, LICSW  
                                       1 N. Main St. Suite 207 Rochester, NH 03867
                      Tel. 603-994-0114

                  Lisabeth Wotherspoon

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Lisabeth Wotherspoon, LICSW
Rochester, NH



Coaching is unlike therapy is that it targets healthy, functioning people who want to make their lives more fullfilling.  Coaching is action-oriented, involving daily homework which is emailed to me, and weekly 30 minute phone consultations.  Coaching sessions usually start with "What do you want to talk about?" and progress to, "What do you want?," "How are you going to get there?," "How will we know if you've gotten there?" and "What is the next step?"  I offer tools and strategies to help you reach your goals, accountability to keep you on track, and support when a strategy needs to be altered because a goal wasn't reached. 

If you are struggling with job insecurity, feeling burned-out in your current job, or feeling squeezed by caring for elderly parents while maintaining your job and trying to care for your own family, than coaching is probably for you.

Three month commitment is required.  The cost for 3 face to face sessions, daily email support and weekly 30-minute phone consultation is $1500.  It can be paid in three monthly installments, the first due at intake and the remaining two by the last day of the preceeding month.  I accept cash, checks and debit/credit cards.  Checks need to clear by the end of the month as payment for the next month.  We can extend our work together in 3-month increments.