Lisabeth Wotherspoon, LICSW
Rochester, NH

Effects of Abortion


Abortion is the experience no one ever talks about. 

Women suffer in silence after an abortion, trying to cope with depression, sadness, guilt, loneliness, shame, and anger. These are powerful and confusing emotions. Having an abortion does not automatically mean a woman will experience long-term distress, but research has shown there are a number of risk factors that predispose a woman undergoing an abortion to emotional problems later on. Of these, the most important are coercion and ambivalence.


Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is defined as an on-going inability to:

abortion Process the painful thoughts and emotions, especially guilt, anger, and grief, that arise from one or more crisis abortions and subsequent abortions.
abortion Identify (and grieve) the loss that has been experienced as a result of having an abortion.
abortion Come to peace with God, oneself, and others involved in the pregnancy and abortion decision.

effects of abortion

I can help you deal with the loneliness of the abortion experience.

I can help you cope with the pain of on-going memories.

I can show you how to handle grief and anger.

I will walk with you as you find peace with yourself, others, and God.


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