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Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

and Life Coaching

counseling for depression and anxiety

  • Are symptoms of depression and anxiety interfering
    with your work performance?

  • Are you so stressed out trying to struggling to care for an aging parent
    while juggling work and home life that your functioning is suffering?

  • Are you finding less time for yourself to catch your breath?

  • Are you trying to cope with the feelings
    related to having terminated a pregnancy

  • Is your child or teen displaying signs
    of excessive anxiety or depression?
    Has their performance at school dropped?

  • Are you struggling with PTSD symptoms?

These are all reasons why you might be looking for counseling right now.  I can help you learn the skills needed to manage all the stress in your life and set priorities that allow you to find balance again. 


Special needs of children and teens


Is your youngster or teen moody, angry or easily frustrated? Does he have trouble making or keeping friends? Do you sense these problems are masking excessive worry, anxiety or depression? Many children benefit from counseling when they are struggling at home or at school.


Kids today often need assistance developing skills to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.  I can help your child develop a greater expression of happiness and hopefulness.  I work with your child individually, but help him or her learn how to share important information with you to improve your relationship. 

I specialize in providing psychotherapy to children and teens who are depressed or anxious, and help them learn how to feel better both at home and at school.


I also offer coaching to motivated teens to help them develop strategies that allow them to recognize their unique strengths while learning to deal with the challenges and issues that face this generation.  I help them create action steps for personal and academic goals, and obtain guidance and support as they increase their awareness and knowledge about their own lives and future directions.  Coaching is not insurance-reimbursable.


Life Coaching is another service I offer motivated, functioning adults, helping them to make their life more rewarding and fullfilling.  Please see the COACHING page for more information.


Other areas of expertise include EMDR, bariatric surgery, chronic or terminal illness,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief and loss issues,
 gay and lesbian issues, and the after-effects of having an abortion.  Termination of a pregnancy can lead to depression, sadness, grief, anger, shame, and guilt.  It is often helpful to have a non-judgmental person to talk to to help you resolve these issues.


I am confident in my ability to help others feel heard, supported and challenged to make changes in their lives. 



Call for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit for each other.  603-994-0114